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Aesculapia was established as a healing retreat center in 1985. Since then we have experienced many changes, but remain true to our original purpose, and work with one to three guests with their physical, mental or spiritual malaise.

Our name is from Asklepios, who in Greek mythology was son of the healer Apollo. Asklepios was a god-mortal, and responsible for all healing work. When Asklepios was present in a dream, he healed the afflicted from within it. We have developed the Consciousness Restructuring Process of natural healing (CRP), a REM or dream journey process that restructures the fundamental consciousness dynamics underlying all diseases.  Thus healing occurs within the dream and the Asklepios archetype becomes contemporary.

We also offer training programs leading to certification as a mentor, workshops, and white water river adventures. We are part of ASKLEPIA FOUNDATION, a tax-exempt, educational, research and service organization. Visit our web page at:

running wolf


We have eighty acres in a private glen, abutting hundreds of acres of public land. A retreat house, several cabins and many camp-sites provide accommodations for our guests. We have a small gym, a wood heated sauna and many miles of hiking trails that lead to some magnificent vistas of the Siskiyou's and other coastal Mountain ranges.

We provide vegetarian and usually organic locally grown food. Guests prepare their own meals although we will do so if requested. Our aim is to have our guests feel "at home" and unstressed.


We will work with any condition although we are not set up for intensive care. Our guests must be able to care physically for themselves. (Although on occasions we might consider working with some that can't.)  We have experienced success with many types of illness, physical and mental, including Fibromyalgia, Multiple Personality, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Diabetes, Rheumatism, Arthritis, and many others. The Consciousness Restructuring Process is non-specific and works on changing the neurological-consciousness structures that are at the roots of all diseases.

If you are considering a stay at Aesculapia please call us for a phone interview to exchange information and mutually decide whether or not Aesculapia is the place for your healing work.

We offer three programs:

· RETREAT: If you choose the retreat program, all food, accommodations (a room, cabin or tent) are provided plus you receive the services and guidance of a CRP mentor during your stay. The fee also includes all treatment sessions (daily or as needed).

· SANCTUARY; Allows you to be a guest at Aesculapia and to use any of our facilities as above. You use this as a place to get away and safely work on your healing crisis or recreation, in you own way, unhampered. We will provide mentoring if asked. On sanctuary, if you want to experience the CRP or engage the services of a mentor, there is a per session fee of $65.

· RIVER SPIRITUAL QUESTS: Half day, full day, or six day river trips and spiritual quests are also offered in the spring and fall. Please call for information.

FEES:                                     Retreat             Sanctuary

                     Daily                      $100                     $50

                     Weekly                   $550                   $250

                     Monthly                $1750                  $850

Graywolf Swinney was trained in the sciences as an engineer. He next studied psychology and is a respected therapist with over 30 years experience. An author and river guide, he has been also been recognized as elder or shaman by various tribes throughout the world. He developed the Consciousness Restructuring Process and his work has been described in many books on healing. He has also published many articles of his own, written two books, and contributed chapters to several others.

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